Closure Advisory – COVID-19

PDF press release available here: COVID-19 Announcement SOLA

March 16, 2020

Closure Advisory – COVID-19

Statement from SoLA Contemporary Founder and Curator, Peggy Sivert

Postponement is the new normal for SoLA as we deconstruct our schedule for 2020-2021 without knowing what the future holds. I am the over-60 founder and curator of SoLA Contemporary, working from home while our young director and administrator have been on site as each day unfolds with more restrictions.

The pandemic pandemonium broke out at SoLA just as a new show was about to open, put on by guest curators from Superposition Gallery comprising a diverse mix of young LA and NY artists. Parallel Realities and Unpopular Truths was installed and ready, purple neon and all…but the reception was cancelled…a big disappointment for all involved. Another postponed performance event, #JailBedDrop, exploring interpersonal accountability within the criminal justice system, has tentatively been rescheduled to May 7-9, 2020.

Director Tatum Hawkins says, “It has been an intense couple weeks at SoLA Contemporary. While we’ve done our best to balance caution and fear, it hasn’t been easy. It’s heartbreaking to cancel exhibitions you’ve been planning for months or to feel like you’re crushing the dreams of young artists who have installed a show that nobody will see. But as a gallery we will carry on, and for now retreat to our homes and studios where triggered emotions will likely become the next catalyst to create.”

Our next exhibit, which was to open April 4, 2020, has now been postponed to April 2021. Curated by the esteemed LA-based artist Mark Steven Greenfield, MASH features three artists whose work is architecturally-inspired, drawing from design elements with origins in the Middle East. Also postponed is a solo show by Long Beach artist Nzuji De Magalhaes. In her work, she tackles issues of dual identity (African and American), from struggle to acceptance, and of being uniquely “foreign” in both places she calls home.

While all of this seems like a disaster (which it is in many ways), I am looking at the positive change that is coming from all the disruption. With the shut-down of so much travel and production, I see the environment as the biggest benefactor of this pandemic. So perhaps, while isolated at home, we collectively take a moment to appreciate the clear blue sky and imagine a better world and when we get back to work, we make those changes.

Admin Associate Alyssa Wynne says, “SoLA Contemporary is respecting the recommendations of health professionals and community leaders in embracing social distancing by cancelling all events until further notice. The continued support, patience, and flexibility of ourselves and patrons is needed during these uncertain times. As updates are announced, we will adjust our events to ensure the health of our community.”

Past shows: 

  1. Jan 2020: Art and Activism reception Crowd (in case you miss the crowds)
  2. Jan-March 2020: Women by Women (artist Kaleeka Bond)
  3. March 2020: Parallel Realities and Unpopular Truths (artist Ginger Q)


Upcoming Shows:

  1. May 2020: #JailBedDrop
  2. April 2021: MASH, group show
  3. April 2021: Nzuji De Magalhaes, solo show




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