Outside Inside

Join us for Interactive Performance, Installation,  video and music

curated by Sarah Abramson and Peggy Sivert Zask

Saturday Feb 27 from 7:30 – 11 pm
 Outside IN: A  broad range of performance, video and Installation Art. Gallery opens at 7:30.

Video Still Cameron McIntyre and Jeff Iorillo

We have video art from Phil America, Dorian Lynde, Sid Branca, Cameron McIntyre & Jeff Iorillo, Evan Mann, Lucien Shapiro & Shaun Roberts with music by Edison. All really interesting stuff…you don’t wanna miss!

Then we have performances from Fabian Rodriguez, M, Thinh Nguyen, Cansu Bulgu, and Patrick Murch.

Installations from Jake Dotson and Elizabeth Kniesley & Teresita De La Torre

Then we end the night with a short set by the fabulous Joel Jerome and Globelamp!!

This event is one night only so come on down to The Loft and join us!