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Doug Pearsall, Conga DrumsKristy Roberts (Glitzer) Jupiter 2.0, jay perris, Lorenzo Gigliatti

 FRESH 2016 event at Shriver courtyardrob hutchins, kinetic sculpturePaul Corneil winning bid during Live Auction


FRESH 2016

in beautiful Portuguese Bend, Rancho Palos Verdes

in support of continued programming, education and events for South Bay Contemporary

This year the gala event will take place at the historic Italian Villa courtyard of the Shriver Family at 21 Pomegranate Road in Portuguese Bend, Rancho Palos Verdes

Fresh food donated by Grandma’s House Catering, Signature Cocktails, and craft made wine.  Our Artists engaged guests in Performance and Interactive art, Music, and Sculptural installations.  Donated Original artist-made centerpieces for silent auction, and Live Auction with a selection of artists from South Bay, LA, San Pedro, and Long Beach.

All proceeds from the event support South Bay Contemporary in our journey to bringing cutting edge contemporary art programming and art education to the South Bay Region.

FRESH 2016 Gala
April 23, 5 – 8, 2016


Live Auction Artists All proceeds support art education, exhibitions and events at South Bay Contemporary

  1. April Bey: http://www.april-bey.com

April began her work as an artist living and growing up in the Caribbean (Nassau, Bahamas). Her work is interdisciplinary and varies based on its content. Her work is an introspective and social critique of American and Bahamian popular culture, immigration, contemporary pop culture feminism and race. Los Angeles

    2. Fatemeh Burnes: http://www.fatemehburnes.com

Iranian born, classically trained in Persian art and verse, Burnes also studied biology, modern Persian poetry, and western artistic practice. I am interested in problem-solving, not solving problems. An ingrained impulse to discover, explore, and invent drives my creative process. The science of art-making fascinates me. Laguna Beach

  1. Seth Kaufman: http://sethkaufman.com

Seth Kaufman is a sculptor, painter, installation artist, photographer, and a few things inbetween; with a prodigious body of work that could easily seem unconnected—almost like the work of several artists. There’s no over-arching “look” or easily identified gestural language because all the action is specifically responsive to whatever raw materials are on hand. SND Torrance

  1. Sudrak Khongpuang: http://www.sudrakkhongpuang.com

Thai artist, Khongpuang started her career as a professional painter 12 years ago. A prolific practitioner of the Naïve Surrealism movement, Sudrak is renown for the use of vibrant colors to document the Thai countryside and the old rural way of life. Her donated painting for auction is based on the memory of her visit to the Palos Verdes hills. Thailand

  1. Margaret Lazzari: http://www-bcf.usc.edu/~lazzari

Margaret Lazzari is an artist, writer and Professor of Painting/Drawing at the Roski School of Fine Arts of the University of Southern California. Her abstract paintings are based on landscape elements like flow/constraint, space/density, and luminosity and texture. She has had numerous public art commissions including Los Angeles Metro Orange Line Sherman Way Station. Manhattan Beach

  1. Ron Linden: http://ronlinden.com/

For over a decade, Linden has taught and run a gallery program at Los Angeles Harbor College, Wilmington, CA. He has also been instrumental in San Pedro’s recently rising art scene, directing and curating exhibitions for the Warschaw Gallery. Linden’s abstract painting utilizes techniques acquired in his three decades working in the scenic industry. San Pedro

  1. Peggy Reavey: http://peggyreavey.com

A figurative painter whose work varies in terms of scale and materials, Reavey is a narrative artist, and her work often revolves around the quiet storms of domestic life: simple tasks gone dreadfully wrong; small acts of cruelty and the wounds they leave; haunting childhood memories that refuse to fade. At turns surreal, tender, and caustic, her work has a wide emotional range. San Pedro

  1. Mike Saijo: http://www.msaijo.com

Mike Saijo’s art is an expression of an idea, while seeking to investigate the possibilities of text based forms. He is interested in the epistemological problems of abstraction, myths, nature of reality, and aesthetic meditation. Often manipulating the structure of books from a sequential order to a spatial order, and creating a space for change, layering, and appropriation of images to make symbolic use of its objects. Los Angeles

  1. John Sollom: www.facebook.com/john.sollom.5

An extremely prolific artist, John’s signature thick, loose brush stroke carries extreme likeness of his subjects. In his assemblage with found objects of daily life and relics of the past, he includes his own oil paintings making him the well-rounded Americana artist of today. La Mirada

  1. Gail Werner: http://www.gailwernerart.com Long Beach

My work reflects the landscape and cultural imagery related to my Native American background. My tribal affiliation is with the Cupeno, Luiseno, and Diegeno tribes located in Southern California. Many of the elements found in my work such as color, light and plant and animal life are influenced by the southern California desert and mountain landscape.

  1. Michael Freitas Wood: http://www.michaelfreitaswood.com

The grid has been a time-honored device used for centuries by artists to transfer or enlarge images. It has become a staple of contemporary art since Mondrian and more recently with the likes of Agnes Martin. In my latest series, the patterns of the microscopic world of atoms as well as the cosmic patterns of the universe are my inspiration. Los Angeles

  1. HK Zamani: http://www.hkzamani.net

Iranian-born artist HK Zamani (Habib Kheradyar Zamani) lives and works in Los Angeles. His work is guided by extreme influences ranging from asceticism to psychedelia. Zamani is the founder and director of PØST (1995-present), a subversive venue for contemporary art, where over four hundred exhibitions have been presented. Los Angeles

Silent Auction Centerpiece Artists

  1. Anita Dixon: https://www.facebook.com/anita.dixon

“I engage the concept of navigating the uneven and always striving to achieve balance in imperfection which also applies to everyday life.”

  1. Lauren Evans: http://www.laurenevansvisualartist.com

Lauren Evans is a visual artist who works in a variety of techniques including sculpture and digital media. Reoccurring themes include metaphors that depict childhood labeling, and our human struggles with control.

  1. Patty Grau: http://www.la-assemblagegroup.org

I have a sarcastic sense of humor and abhor being categorized or restricted. This leads to vast experimentation with materials and tools.

  1. Sylvia Greer: https://www.facebook.com/sylvia.greer.92

Sylvia Greer collects discarded materials, human-made and natural, to transform into works of art incorporating her wool textiles into wall sculptures that look tough, but are soft to the touch.

  1. Nicholette Kominos: http://nicholettekominos.com

Nicholette Kominos takes inspiration from a commonplace object such as a spoon, a map, a table leg. The allure could be from its shape, function or history, as well as the layers of information emerging from the context of its familiarity

  1. Connie DK Lane: http://www.conniedklane.com

The sculptural objects that I create are the result of a highly physical and continual reworking of subconscious and conscious elements in constant interaction.

  1. Carolyn LaLiberte: http://www.carolynlaliberte.com

“I have been creating all my life in some way or another, using my hands to express what I cannot with words.  The layers, lines, carvings, images, words and other marks become blurred under the layers of whatever medium I choose.”

  1. Kristen Marvell: http://kristanmarvell.com

Kristen Marvell’s work is derived from a technique of spontaneous carving, his bronze sculptures beginning from monolithic chunks of Styrofoam. Marvell explores the confrontation between the natural, the organic and man’s manipulation and reconstruction of the world.

  1. Denis Richardson: www.catalinaglassstudio.com

Denis Richardson, as director/designer of Catalina Glass Studio, has completed hundreds of projects including residential, commercial and public installations. Technical versatility in his handmade, kiln-formed, fused glass is reflected in his art for a wide range of environments.

  1. Karrie Ross: http://www.karrierossfineart.com

My art searches to connect to energy frequency vibrations. My art, whether sculpture, pen & ink, paint or collage is all made to create a reaction.

  1. Peggy Sivert: http://www.zaskgallery.com

The Horse has been a recurring theme in my artwork. I have found the horse to symbolize the shrinking open space, the end of romance, spirituality, the Old West and Manifest Destiny as we enter the global age. Peggy Sivert Zask is director and founder of South Bay Contemporary.

  1. Ron Therrio: http://www.rtherrio.com

Ron Therrio is a sculptor working primarily in wood, creating carefully crafted and detailed forms inspired by history and contemporary culture.

  1. Tracey Weiss: http://www.traceyweissart.com

In my current work I am using PET plastic (plastic water and soda bottles) that I have found or collected; saving them from the landfill or obligatory “recycling”.

  1. Jaye Whitworth: http://jayewhitworth.blogspot.com

Jaye Whitworth’s art is often made of totally recycled pieces incorporated into statements about living our everyday lives momemt by moment, authentically and consciously.

  1. Ben Zask: http://www.zaskgallery.com

Ben Zask began making art with cast-off framing materials. He continues to transform unwanted objects into sculpture, using objects he finds in his journeys.

Additional Silent Auction Artists: 16. Lauren Dees   17. Jan Govaerts   18. Betsy Lohrer Hall   19. Harold Plople   20. Miriam Jackson 21. Ben “Natus”

Installation & Performance Artists:


  1. Cansu Bulgu: http://www.cansuart.com

Interactive awareness practice through creativity, art and inspiration.

  1. Chrysanthe Oltmann, Follow her @vajamminn

Chrysanthe aka The Taco Belle, is one spicy medium. When she’s not channeling the wisdom of the sauces, she’s exploring her vision of a ‘Fallopian Utopia’ through standup, performance art and her radio program ‘freeflow’ on KCHUNG Radio.

  1. Anne Olsen Daub: https://www.instagram.com/anne_olsen_daub

I love to combine layers of vintage materials to produce intricate imagery to look into and beyond. My process is strictly intuitive and my intention is to create art that is intriguing, mysterious, playful and a bit mischievous.*

  1. June Diamond: http://www.junediamond.com

June Diamond is an expert in hot glass and stained glass and also works with metals. Chain is a site-specific installation piece made of aluminum. The sheets of aluminum have been fashioned into links to create an asymmetrical chain reminiscent of an over-sized childhood paper chain.

  1. Beth Elliot: http://beth-elliott-art.blogspot.com

Experimentation and humor are always important, while on a deeper level my work is about the movement of energy. The context & location of installation work determine its form and material. I like to use humble materials, showing their qualities in unexpected ways.

  1. Jan Govaerts:  http://jangovaerts.com

Jan Govaerts’ work reflects her deep connection with the earth. Her 6’ tall towers of coiled clay have been likened to trees, termite mounds, stalagmites and the towering hoodoo rock formations of Utah. Other ceramic sculpture include her seed pod series and current stone series. She has been very instrumental In activating the art scene in San Pedro through ceramic teaching and her involvement as past president of the board at Angel’s Gate and founding of the LOFT studios and galleries.

  1. Patty Grau: http://www.la-assemblagegroup.org

I have a sarcastic sense of humor and abhor being categorized or restricted. This leads to vast experimentation with materials and tools. I want to always be challenged or fighting boundaries. I know if I don’t know how, I can learn and if I can imagine, I can make it.*

  1. Cie Gumucio: https://www.facebook.com/cie.gumucio

I am fascinated with images that when brought together in surprising juxtaposition, often show a hidden doorway to the subconscious, sometimes whimsical, at times profound, ultimately reflecting a greater interior truth.*

  1. Rob Hutchins: rob A recently retired mechanical engineer; My kinetic wind sculpture titled “Mesmeric” is based on a prior work by Anthony Howe titled “Octo”.  The basic concept is similar, but the construction details are quite different.
  1. Nate Jones: http://www.natejonesart.com/

For the past 10 years, I have been experimenting with tire shavings; a non- traditional material and industrial bi-product of my day job. Initially the shavings functioned as only two-dimensional elements. However, after experimenting with them, I realized their great potential as a sculptural material and embarked on a totally new phase of artistic exploration

  1. Thinh Nguyen: http://thinhstudio.com

Thinh Nguyen’s work is a complex contemporary look at a few converging issues investigating the personal, social, cultural, and historical while engaging the public in the process. He explores formal and conceptual process in different media as a strategy to continue the development of critical exchange and aesthetic innovation. His performance is titled “Separated We Stand”.



  1. Jupiter 2.0:  http://www.jupitermax.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Dubbed in Long Beach as Proto Punk Super Group, Jay Perris rocks out on an electric kit while Lorenzo Gigliotti thumbs the baselines on his 12-string. The new wave, ’60s sensibility is very much alive.
  1. Glitzer: http://glitzer.space                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Christy Roberts: Glitzer was conceived as a progressive art wave, electronic music project. Roberts generates 90% of all media, inspired by the cosmos, elements, quantum physics, and the experience of Earth as a conscious and sentient being
  1. Doug Pearsall:   http://www.theloftatlizs.com/doug-pearsall                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I’m into the arts-specifically music (conga player) & visual-though I often create conceptual art, performance & installation. I love & appreciate technology but I cling to many of the “old school” ideals aesthetically-hey they’ve worked for centuries, hard to argue with that.


 Jean Shriver (middle) R- Beth Elliot, artistBeth Elliot, June diamond, Tom and Peggy Reavey, ?      Ben Zask, Live Auction piece by Seth KaufmanKarrie Ross, Cie Gumuciosilent auction