Participating Artist Groups

The first meeting for creating new groups for 2020 will be on Sunday, January 12, 11am-1pm.

Our Participating Artist Group programs combine working together with other artists, in critique and collaborative practices, while also supporting our organization. All three programs offer benefits as a Participating Member, including a group exhibition at the end of the year. New groups form each Fall.

CRITIQUE GROUPS  Groups of 7-12 artists meet monthly for studio critique. The monthly reviews are constructive, help you receive valuable feedback, and give input. This is an opportunity to develop long term and meaningful relationships with other artists.

CREATIVE PRACTICE  Small groups of 3-5 artists create their own style of interacting and influence. These groups can create their own way of inspiring/influencing one another for the duration of a year, through studio visits, working together, emailing, phone, outings, etc. At the end of the year, the artists will have an exhibition at SoLA and demonstrate the influences of the communications.

CRITICAL RESPONSE PROCESS (new!)  We are introducing a critique group based on the the Critical Response Process, developed by Liz Lerman, a method for getting useful and meaningful feedback on your artwork. It involves four core steps allowing participants to express thoughts about an artist’s work. Aiming for positive meanings, neutral questioning, and yes, opinions accompanied by a little patience, the dialogue revolves around the power of the art rather than individual psychology. Throughout the steps, the artist will experience a variety of aesthetic responses and social values that responders (people in the group) bring to their role. By learning to ask astute questions, the artist develops critical thinking skills and comes to understand deeper meanings in their own work.


Send the following by email to: info@solacontemporary.org
(subject line: Participating Member)

    • Submit 4 jpgs of your art work:
      • Art work must show development of a series with unified concept or idea
      • All media considered
      • jpg size no larger than 1mb.
    • Include in body of email:                                                          
      • your name, address, email, cell phone, web address
      • brief description of your artwork
    • Join SoLA Participating Membership