Creative Practice Membership

Creative Practice Membership offers freedom and experimentation for artist interaction, combining working together in critique and collaborative practices, while also supporting our organization. Exclusive to SoLA, Creative Practice was developed by executive director Peggy Sivert who was inspired to offer artists more opportunities to meet up with fellow artists to receive honest and constructive feedback while also building meaningful relationships with them.

The participating artists meet in the beginning of the year, bring in their art, get to know each other and organically break off into groups of varying size, art practice, age, race, depth of experience, background, etc. Each self-driven group organizes a plan and are encouraged to be creative in how they will collaborate and inspire each other’s progress over the next twelve months. At the end of the year, an art critic is hired to review everyone’s work and a group show here at SoLA wraps up the experience.


Participants in our Creative Practice Residency will work in small groups under the mentorship of a professional practicing artist.  This residency will help artists build the fundamental skills necessary to a successful career, including statement writing, critical analysis, and curatorial experience.  Participants will explore the intersections of art, culture, society, and politics, and gain experience that can be applied to a multitude of careers in the arts.

This year-long residency will culminate in the collective conceptualization, execution, and promotion of a formal exhibition at SoLA Contemporary, selected from among recent curatorial proposals submitted to the gallery.

EXPERIMENTAL PRACTICE Small groups of 3-5 artists create their own style of interaction and influence. For the duration of a year, the group will experiment together through collaboration, critique, studio visits, working together, communication, outings, etc.

CRITICAL RESPONSE PROCESS   We are continuing this popular critique method based on the the Critical Response Process, developed by Liz Lerman, that puts artists at the center. Instead of simply receiving feedback, they ask specific questions of the critique group in four core steps. Aiming for positive meanings, neutral questioning, and yes, opinions accompanied by a little patience, the dialogue revolves around the power of the art rather than individual psychology.

Throughout the steps, the artist will experience a variety of aesthetic responses and social values that responders (people in the group) bring to their role. By learning to ask astute questions, the artist develops critical thinking skills and comes to understand deeper meanings in their own work.


Send the following by email to: solacontemporary@gmail.com
(subject line: Creative Practice groups)

    • Submit 4 jpgs of your art work:
      • Art work must show development of a series with unified concept or idea
      • All media considered
      • jpg size no larger than 1mb.
    • Include in body of email:                                                          
      • your name, address, email, cell phone, web address
      • brief description of your artwork
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